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All defendants have the right to a jury trial, unless the offense has been amended to a mere infraction. Prosecutors want to avoid the costs and hassle of bringing in citizens to sit on a jury, but my preference is always for a jury trial. A jury trial requires the prosecutor to make a public presentation of their case. If the case is not air tight, they will be more inclined to settle if they face a jury trial.

Is The Original Plea Offer Off The Table If Someone Is Convicted At Trial?

Once a verdict has been reached, there is no opportunity to reopen negotiations or accept a prior plea offer. Once the issue of guilt or innocence has been resolved by a judge or jury, all opportunities to settle the case have passed.

Are Drug Trials Typically Affordable For Most People?

I always quote my hourly trial fee at the time that a client engages my firm. The cost depends on the length of the trial and the extent of the expected preparation, so it is hard to project, but you can generally count on one to two hours of preparation per hour of actual trial time. Outside costs, such as private investigators or expert witnesses, depend on the nature of the case and are subject to approval by the client. These costs are estimated beforehand, so the client has a clear picture of what to expect.

What Are Some Important Things That Your Clients Charged With A Drug Related Crime Should Know About Prior Making The Decision Whether Or Not To Go To Trial?

Clients need to know the plea offer, so they can weigh the costs and benefits of the offer against taking the case to trial. It is helpful to know what a given judge has ruled in similar circumstances, so an experienced attorney in that court with that judge is helpful to have on the client’s side. The potential strengths and weaknesses of taking the case to trial are important for a client to understand. For instance, additional charges or escalated charges are always a possibility when rejecting a plea agreement.

How Does Your Approach To Trial, Your Experience And Personality Ends Up Favoring Your Clients Who Take The Case All The Way To Trial?

I have nearly a decade of experience in all of the courts in Utah. My approach is to get the very best possible outcome for my client. I am always completely honest and forthright with my client as to the strengths and weaknesses of their case. Nothing is sugar-coated, which allows the client to make as well-informed a decision as possible.

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