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Misdemeanor Drug Crime In Summit County, Utah

Misdemeanor drug offenses may seem minute, but they can have a severe impact on your being. Legal penalties are imposed by courts in case of a misdemeanor drug crime which always include suspension of your driver’s license. Other penalties are also involved that stain your criminal record and hurt your chances at employment, professional licensing, insurance, financial aid for students as well as chances to get citizenship if you are an immigrant. Deportation is also a penalty that immigrants have to suffer if they are charged with a misdemeanor drug crime in Summit County, Utah.

Misdemeanors and felonies are categorized by assessing certain factors, which include the quantity in possession at the time of arrest as well as the type of substance.

There are plenty of able misdemeanor drug crime attorneys in Summit County, Utah, who specialize in these types of drug charges. Seeking help from an experienced misdemeanor drug crime lawyer in Summit County UT is really required to help such professionals who may be facing these offenses. Penalties for these charges may include fines starting from as little as $150 to even six months in jail with five years of probation. Although these offenses may seem unworthy of too much stress, these offenses can turn out to be severe impediments for your life. A Class B drug crime misdemeanor charge equals up to 0-6 months in jail and upto $1,000 in fine.

Are Misdemeanor Drug Crime Attorneys Helpful?

It is the main objective of our Summit County misdemeanor drug crime attorneys at Levitt Legal, PLLC to get your case dismissed from the court without any convictions or heavy fines. However, if the matter escalates, we carefully assess the probable defense tactics that can be used in accordance with the evidence of the prosecution. Our experienced misdemeanor drug crime attorneys specializing in these areas are eager to defend your rights aggressively and oppose the charges against you at every step of the way. Our misdemeanor drug crime attorney will also represent you in court hearings and a trial, if the need arises.

Plenty of our clients have achieved a favourable result for their offenses with the help of our misdemeanor drug possession lawyers in Summit County UT. We can provide sound advice to you and keep you away from jail and avoid damages to your record with our vast arsenal of defense tactics at your disposal.

Our Practice Areas

Misdemeanor drug charge lawyers in Summit County as well as in other areas of Utah, including Salt Lake City, are eager to help you by keeping you well informed by crystal clear communion and dedication to help you get the outcome in your favour. We are available for a case consultation at the office of Darren Levitt. Call us at (801) 455-1743 to speak with our misdemeanor drug possession lawyer in Summit County UT.

The misdemeanor drug possession lawyer at our office has represented numerous clients who have been arrested on drug possession charges. Whether you are facing a misdemeanor drug possession charge in Summit County UT or a federal drug trafficking or conspiracy charge, the Summit County misdemeanor drug crimes attorney at our office can be of assistance. Since possession of marijuana is usually considered a misdemeanor charge, and is typically not considered a serious offense, many people think they can get away with it by accepting a plea in a misdemeanor drug case. However, this is never advised as entering a plea means that the charge will become a conviction which will stay on your criminal record for the rest of your life. Contact the misdemeanor drug charge attorney in Summit County UT by calling (801) 455-1743 for a Case Consultation.