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Sex Crimes

Sex crime is not just about the moment it was violated at; it is about the whole life even after that. The abuser might not be affected apart from being charged and sentenced (as per the intensity of his crime) but the agony a victim goes through have no comparison. They are the most crucial kind of crimes and the offenders should be charged as such too.

If you think that your life has come to a stop and that you were a happy person? Then Levitt Legal PLLC would be more than happy to prove you absolutely wrong as our Sex crime attorney in Salt Lake City, Utah and his team knows how to bring back your happiness and how to deal with the offenders very well. They will make sure that what the offender deserves, he gets it. Our Salt Lake City, Utah Sex crime attorney, Darren Levitt possesses the excellence of wisdom in Sex Crimes and he is fighting for this horrible crime to make our society clear of such immaculate characters. From the most intense sex crimes to a sex crime misdemeanor, Darren is one of the best in dealing with such matters in Utah and its surroundings.

General Information:

Sex crime convictions can affect a person’s life years after sentencing was successfully completed. Even false or exaggerated accusations can result in convictions with lasting consequences. With the widespread use of background checks and Sex Offender Registry requirements, this can even affect employment and housing opportunities. Make sure that you are fighting hard to combat the charges in order to avoid the consequences of a conviction. You can get help from an experienced and qualified Salt Lake City, UT Sex crimes attorney. Call Levitt Legal, PLLC at (801) 455-1743 to speak with a Utah Sex crimes lawyer right away. Our sex crime attorney in Salt Lake City, Utah is highly experienced in this area of law.

Sex crime is a broad category that encompasses many specific crimes, including:

The information on this website is intended to help you learn more about the penalties and sentencing related to each individual offense. However, this is general information and should not be taken as legal advice. It is not a substitute for an attorney/client relationship. A criminal defense attorney can help you understand the charges you face and present you with favorable defense strategies based on your unique situation. Our Salt Lake City, Utah Sex crime attorney has represented and helped numerous clients facing sex crime charges in UT.

Salt Lake City Sex Crime Defense Attorney

As a Salt Lake City defense attorney, Darren M. Levitt represents men, women, and youth facing sex crime related charges. He understands that any alleged criminal offense, especially for a sex crime, is rarely straightforward. Constitutional right violations, improper investigation procedures, exaggeration or false accusations can be used to your benefit and create a solid defense strategy. An experienced Utah Sex crimes lawyer knows exactly the kind of defenses that can be used in such cases.

It’s important to consider your legal options after being charged with a sex crime in Utah. Call (801) 455-1743 or send an online message to learn more. During your free, no-obligation consultation, you will learn about the Utah criminal justice process for sex related offenses and the most favorable paths to take. However, it’s best to seek legal counsel as soon as possible after the initial arrest as possible. While you are waiting to act, the prosecution and investigators are building a case against you. Get in touch with a Salt Lake City, UT Sex crimes attorney so you can also work on a solid defense strategy for your case. The sex crime attorney in Salt Lake City, Utah at our office will be ready to help you.

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