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Drug Crime Attorney Utah County, UT

A drug crime is an offense that requires immediate representation by a professional and qualified attorney. Delaying getting legal representation from a drug crime attorney in Utah County, UT could put you in an even worse situation than before. The slightest of the doubt should be enough to make you prepare for the worst. The drug crime attorneys in Utah County are here to help you defend your rights. We at the office of attorney Darren Levitt have the professionalism to protect your rights through the entire process. Abiding by all the rules and making sure that you are treated in the court with neutrality, we will get you the best possible outcome for your case even outside the legal community during the procedure, such as at your place of work. We have strong ties with the legal community which creates a major dexterity for us to communicate with them.

Why Hire A Drug Crime Attorney In Utah County?

The Utah County drug crimes attorney and drug possession lawyer at our office is able to give you a heads up on any problems that you might face ahead in the case and help you prepare for them or even avoid them before they are encountered.

Drug crimes, if convicted, can stain your record that might lead to severely limited job opportunities for you in the future. According to research, a criminal record could limit your chances of getting through an interview by 50%, thus leaving you with a 17% less chance of going from application to interview.

Prosecutors act in the best interest of the state which leaves out anyone who has been charged with a crime. There are instances where prosecutors have had evidence that should be excluded from the case, which may have been obtained through illegal means or by hearsay. The drug crime attorney in Utah County, UT will take action to have this evidence removed so that it doesn’t hurt your chances in the court. Likewise, we will collect evidence that will solidify your case.

We are willing to challenge prosecutors as we have experience of these prosecutions as some of our attorneys have been prosecutors in the past or have witnessed such cases.

The amount of substance at the time of arrest is another problem you need to be prepared for. Your sentences might get worse if you get caught with a high quantity of drug in your possession and it will not be heedless if you are caught with the very little amount. The drug crimes attorney in Utah County, UT will do their best to minimize the sentence which might even lead to negotiations of your freedom or even acquittance.

Our first and foremost priority will be to negotiate a plea bargain. We have the experience to contend to the minimum consequences of a conviction through the use of probation or community service.

If it is impossible to avoid jail, our Utah County UT drug possession Lawyer can help you prepare for that as well. We can make sure that your family does not suffer any recoil during the process. There are some cases where the property owned by the defendant cannot be maintained by the family and cannot be used after the defendant’s incarceration. The Utah County UT drug possession lawyers will do their best so that your family can maintain any property that they might be relieved of after your incarceration. Give us a call today to discuss your case with our Utah County drug crimes attorney.