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Darren Levitt, Criminal Defense Attorney

Darren Levitt is a fierce criminal defense attorney and an advocate for men, women, and youth who have been charged with alleged misdemeanor or felony offenses. He represents clients from all walks of life who are facing charges in Utah, including Salt Lake County, Box Elder County, Tooele County, Weber County, and the surrounding communities. Every client gets the benefit of Darren’s experience, open communication, and an aggressive approach, no matter the charge that they face.

As an experienced Salt Lake City criminal defense attorney, Darren Levitt is dedicated to representing his clients with integrity and providing them with the highest levels of professional service. Darren understands that every case is unique, even if the charges are the same. By closely listening to each case and understanding the situation, he helps gather even the smallest details that can prove invaluable in building a strong defense.

Whatever criminal charges you or a loved one may be facing, Levitt Legal will be there to fight for your rights or future. Call (801) 455-1743 to discuss your case and explore your best legal options today.

Focused Energy on Criminal Defense

Levitt Legal, PLLC is a Salt Lake City based law firm that concentrates strictly on criminal defense cases. This includes both misdemeanor and felony offenses for a variety of criminal charges, from a first DUI in Salt Lake City to a felony assault charge in Brigham City. His experience also includes representation in cases of domestic violence in Salt Lake City, weapon offenses, juvenile offenses, Salt Lake County violation of probation, sex crimes, marijuana offenses, drug crimes, and others.

Even misdemeanors that may appear inconsequential, with minimal fines or imprisonment, can have lifelong repercussions on the individual. Criminal offenses can appear during routine background checks, which are growing increasingly used by potential employers or landlords. This can be an immense roadblock to future aspirations and plans.

A misdemeanor or felony offense can even affect current employment, especially those that utilize professional licenses or require the operation of sensitive equipment. College and university students are also not immune to the fall out of a criminal charge and may find themselves facing severe disciplinary action. Brigham Young University and University of Utah are only 2 of the many local universities, which each maintain their own disciplinary standards.

Darren Levitt has represented clients from a variety of industries and backgrounds. From law enforcement officers to doctors and teachers, his clients experience the same emotions of confusion and anxiety. Darren helps them gain confidence about their defense by helping them understand their options and coaching them through the process.

Arrest Does Not Indicate Guilt

No matter the circumstances of your situation, it’s important to remember that an arrest does not mean you are guilty. It is the task of the prosecution to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Therefore, a criminal defense attorney has the opportunity to examine the evidence and details of the situation on your behalf to find cause for doubt.

There are also several defenses that can be used strategically for your defense. This may include proving lack of intent, lack of evidence, or even entrapment. A criminal offense is never as straight forward as it may initially appear.

Depending on the criminal offense, this can even include failings on the part of the law enforcement officer or investigator. They are legally bound to follow strict protocol and cannot engage in illegal searches of your person, home, vehicle or property. They must also read your Miranda rights upon arrest. Failure to do so on their part can be used in your defense.

Strong Advocate in DUI Cases

A charge for Driving under the Influence is not uncommon in Salt Lake City. In 2009, there were roughly 7,000 arrests for DUI in Utah. This is a number that has only grown throughout the years. Many of these DUI charges also involved other criminal charges, including those for underage drinking, reckless driving, or manslaughter.

Darren Levitt confidently defends the rights of adults and minors who are facing DUI charges in Salt Lake City or the nearby areas. As a Salt Lake City DUI attorney, he understands the impact that a DUI charge can have, including immediate license suspension, heavy fines, and jail time. These charges are especially serious for individuals employed in certain sensitive occupations and students. His assistance can prove invaluable in preventing the DUI charge from irrevocably hurting your employment or housing prospects.

Defense for Out-of-State and International Visitors

Salt Lake City is home to a vibrant community and picturesque scenery. This attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists each year to busy ski resorts and lake side retreats. This brings an increased volume of criminal offenses into SLC, some of which are committed unwittingly, such as bringing a weapon into the state without first obtaining a Utah permit.

Criminal charges can be especially stressful and expensive for non-residents as they must show for scheduled hearings and trials. Depending on the crime, they may even be extradited to Utah. For these individuals, it is especially beneficial to hire a criminal defense attorney. Levitt Legal can help minimize the need for your appearance, fight for a fair bond, and be your advocate wherever you may be.

An Ally on Your Side

After you have been arrested or charged with a criminal offense, it’s vital to remember that the police are not on your side. Their priorities do not include your best interests. In fact, they have considerable training to monitor your actions and words from the moment the engage you. Remain polite and respectful, but remember your rights.

Under law, you have the right to remain silent. This is a phrase that is often repeated on television or movies, which is referred to as the “Miranda rights”. However, it’s not something that you should take lightly. It’s a warning that is there for your protection.

Immediately after a criminal offense has been committed or if an individual has been simply approached by a law enforcement officer in suspicion of a crime, the individual is generally disoriented. It’s a tense situation, but the Miranda right offers them protection from unwittingly incriminating themselves in the confusion. Any words or action they take may make it more difficult to clear their names in court.

Rather than speak with the arresting officer, it’s vital to inform them that you wish to stay silent until you have the assistance of an attorney. In fact, the law enforcement officer is legally obligated to inform you of your right to have an attorney present during questioning.

A criminal defense attorney can be an incredible asset during this process, helping ensure that your rights are not infringed during questioning and you do not incriminate yourself. Hiring an attorney early on also gives them better insight about your case, which they can use as they build your defense.

Early Assessment of Your Legal Options

After a charge for a criminal offense in Salt Lake City, it’s critical to immediately assess your legal options. You can be assured that the prosecution and police investigators will be working hard to build the case against you. Shouldn’t you ensure that you are taking serious precautions against an unfavorable outcome?

Hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney early on can help you gain important insight into your case, gather time-sensitive evidence, and important witness testimony. They can also build a case that may involve filing a Motion to Dismiss, a Motion to Exclude Evidence, or a Motion to Suppress Evidence. However, this is best done as early as possible, before critical evidence can disappear.

Protecting Your Rights and Future

If you or a loved one is facing criminal charges in Salt Lake City or any of the surrounding communities, it’s important to seek immediate legal guidance. Levitt Legal will stand as your advocate and fight for your best interests. Darren is there for his clients each and every step of the way. Depending on the severity of the charges, this may mean providing knowledgeable representation during emergency bond hearings, pre-trial motions, driver’s license suspension hearings, administrative hearings, criminal record expunging, criminal court trial, or even criminal appeals.

To explore your legal options, call (801) 455-1743. During your free consultation, Darren will help you understand both the charges your face and the criminal court system in Utah. After assessing your situation, he will begin assisting you build a solid defense for your future. Contact Levitt Legal today to get started.

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