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An Experienced & Fierce Criminal Justice Advocate for Your Rights

Darren Levitt is a fierce criminal defense attorney who advocates for men, women, and youth charged with alleged misdemeanor or felony offenses. He represents clients from all walks of life facing charges in the State of Utah, including Salt Lake County, Utah County, Box Elder County, Tooele County, Wasatch County, and the surrounding communities.

Every client gets the benefit of Darren’s experience, open communication, and aggressive approach, no matter the charge that they face.

Darren Levitt’s Main Criminal Defense Practice Areas

Driving / Traffic Offenses

Certain traffic violations may carry misdemeanors, felony penalties, and even imprisonment; thus, you must tread carefully, treat the matter seriously, and prepare a solid case defense.

DWI / DUI Charges

A charge for DUI (Driving under the Influence) is never one to take lightly, as penalties range from expensive fines and imprisonment or worse.

Drug Crimes

Drug crimes include many offenses, ranging from misdemeanors with minimal sentences to felonies with very harsh punishments.

Domestic Violence Charges

Domestic violence charges, whether committed against a current or former spouse, significant other, or family member, is a serious matter in the State of Utah.

Violent Crimes

Violent crimes refer to a crime in which a guilty or culprit uses or threatens to utilize force upon a victim, ranging from harassment and assault to murder.

Marijuana Charges

Utah has some of the harshest laws prohibiting the possession of marijuana. Charges involving marijuana can be particularly harsh, including fines, jail time, or community service.

Levitt Legal, PLLC

Your Criminal Defense Attorney in Salt Lake City, Utah

Darren Levitt

Darren Levitt is a fierce attorney who will diligently defend you throughout your case with the highest level of professionalism.

Custom Case Solutions & Integrity

As a Salt Lake City criminal attorney at law, Darren works to protect, defend and uphold the freedom, liberty, property, and constitutional and unalienable rights of individuals. Darren has never been a prosecutor, and his private practice has only helped Utah residents mount an aggressive and thorough defense against the criminal (and administrative) investigations and charges.

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Darren Levitt - Defense Law Utah
Darren Levitt - Criminal Defense Attorney

Why Choose Levitt Legal

Focused Energy on Criminal Defense Law

Levitt Legal PLLC is a Salt Lake City-based law firm that strictly concentrates on criminal defense cases. This includes misdemeanor and felony offenses ranging from a first DUI to felony assault charges, domestic violence charges, juvenile and marijuana offenses, and drug crimes, among others.

Misdemanors may seem inconcequencial, but these charges can carry fines and even inprisonment and have long-life lasting repercutions for you.

Darren Levitt, criminal defense attorney at law, has represented clients from a wide variety of industries and backgrounds.

Law enforcement officers, doctors, and teachers all experience the same stressful and anxiety-inducing emotions, but Darren is there to assist them by helping them understand their options and coaching them through the judicial process.

"Arrest does not mean guilt"

No matter the circumstances of your situation, it's important to remember that an arrest does not mean you are guilty. It's the job of the presecution to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

A trustworthy ally on your side

After you've been arrested or charged with a criminal offense it's vital to remember that the police is not your friend.
A criminal defense attorney can be an incredible asset duringn this process.

A strong advocate in DUI cases

Darren Levitt confidently defends the rights of adults and minors facing DUI charges. As a Salt Lake City criminal defense attorney, he understands the negative impact that, for example, a DUI felony can have.

Early assessment of your legal options

After a criminal charge in Salt Lake City, it's critical to immediately assess your legal options.
Hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney early can help you gain an upper hand in the case.

Defense of out-of-state & international visitors

Criminal charges can be incredibly stressful and expensive for non-residents as they must attend hearings and trials.
Hiring a Federal Criminal Defense Attorney is especially beneficial for them.

"I'm here to protect your rights & future"

If you or a loved one is facing criminal charges in Salt Lake City, or the surrounding communities, it's crucial to seek legal guidance swiftly.
Darren is here to help you during each and every step of the process.

Levitt Legal’s Criminal Defense Process

Darren Levitt Has Got You Covered

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01. Case Briefing

Darren Levit will help you understand the legal charges you face and the Utah criminal court system.

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02. Case Assessment

He'll assess you on your situation, and go over your options with you.

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03. Defense Building

He will build a solid defense to dismiss or mitigate any charges held against you.

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04. Best Case Results

He will diligently defend you through out the whole process with fierceness and integrity to get your charges dismissed.

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Levitt Legal Can Help You

Darren Levitt, Criminal Defense Attorney

Darren Levitt is a Criminal Defense Attorney committed to resolving your issues. Whatever criminal charges you or your loved ones may be facing, Darren’s criminal defense expertise can be there to fight for your rights and future.

As both a State and Federal criminal defense attorney at law, Darren has represented clients from a wide variety of industries and backgrounds.

If you find yourself facing charges in the State of Utah, including Salt Lake, Box Elder, Tooele, Wasach, Summit and Davis counties, do not hesitate to contact Levitt Legal to get the best, effective, fierce, and integrous representation.


About Darren Levitt

Darren Levitt is a fierce criminal defense attorney and an advocate for women, men, and youth who have been charged with alleged misdemeanor or felony offenses. He fiercely represents his clients facing charges in Utah, including Salt Lake, Box Elder, Tooele, Wasach, Summit and Davis counties.

As an experienced Salt Lake City criminal defense attorney, Darren Levitt is dedicated to representing his clients with integrity and providing them with the highest levels of professional service. Darren understands that every case is unique, even if the charges are the same. By closely listening to each client and understanding the situation, he helps gather the smallest details that can prove invaluable in building a strong defense.


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