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Marijuana Charges

Marijuana Charges
Defending Marijuana Crimes in Utah

Marijuana (also known as weed, pot, or cannabis) is one of the most widely used illicit substances in the United States. Despite the fact that it has been legalized for medical and recreational purposes in neighboring Colorado, the State of Utah still has some of the harshest laws prohibiting the possession of marijuana in the country.

The consequences for any of the following criminal offenses involving marijuana can be particularly harsh, including significant fines, jail time, or community service. In fact, any conviction for possession of marijuana or possession of drug paraphernalia may result in a 6 month driver’s license suspension. Getting help from a Utah marijuana defense lawyer is advised. Contact the office of Levitt Legal, PLLC in Salt Lake City, UT at (801) 455-1743 to speak with a Salt Lake City, UT marijuana defense attorney.

General Information:

Common misdemeanor and criminal offenses include:

Never has the debate around legalizing marijuana gained so much attention. Despite the debate, Utah’s current laws are clear. You can go to jail or be supervised on probation for the possession of even a small amount of marijuana. These penalties can have strong effects on certain professions, professional licenses, and academic standings. Even if you are facing a misdemeanor marijuana offense, an experienced criminal defense attorney would be an asset to have on your side.

Salt Lake City Marijuana Attorney

If you were arrested for any marijuana, pot, weed, or cannabis crime in Salt Lake City, Utah, it’s important to discuss your legal options with an experienced criminal defense attorney. Darren Levitt represents men, women, and minors who are facing marijuana charges in Salt Lake County, Weber County, Box Elder County, Cache County, and the surrounding communities. He is an experienced Utah marijuana defense lawyer who understands the local laws. As an active member of the NORML Legal Committee, Darren is dedicated to the cause of responsible marijuana laws in Utah and throughout the United States. He is the best Salt Lake City, UT Marijuana Attorney to hire for your case.

Call Levitt Legal today at (801) 455-1743 to begin discussing your case with a Salt Lake City, UT marijuana defense attorney. During your free consultation, Darren will help you understand your charges and analyze your case for factors that can help reduce the charges you face or dismiss them altogether.

Marijuana Information Center

If you are in Salt Lake City or anywhere in Utah and are facing marijuana related charges, you can contact our marijuana attorney in Salt Lake City, UT. We take pride in providing a knowledgeable attorney who is an expert in defending marijuana crimes in Utah. If you or your loved one is involved in the use of marijuana, contact our Salt Lake City, UT marijuana attorney who will try his best to protect your rights and defend you.

Our marijuana attorney in Salt Lake City, UT is an expert in handling all types of criminal defense cases that involve crimes related to marijuana, such as use or possession. If you are someone who is charged with a marijuana offense, don’t waste time and immediately contact our well-versed Salt Lake City, UT Marijuana attorney. We understand that defending marijuana crimes in Utah can be very difficult but our marijuana attorney in Salt Lake City, UT provides one of the best legal services and guaranteed success.

Our efficient and professional marijuana attorney in Salt Lake City, UT offers practical and intelligent defense solutions. If you or someone you know has been arrested for a crime linked to marijuana, you can seek help from our Salt Lake City, UT Marijuana attorney. For us, you and your future are very important, and we take every possible step to achieve the best possible outcomes for our clients.

Our marijuana attorney in Salt Lake City Utah understands the seriousness of such cases and knows how to handle complex situations. We work day and night to ensure that our clients do not end up behind bars. If you are in trouble due to marijuana criminal charges, call our offices at any time to get confidential consultation and learn about all the possible solutions regarding your charges. Our Salt Lake City, UT Marijuana attorney will act immediately to help you out.

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Contact Levitt Legal today for a consultation about your drug charge in Salt Lake City, Utah with a drug crimes lawyer. It is important to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney to hear the facts of your particular case, and help you find any possible defenses or exceptions to the charges against you. Contact Darren Levitt of Levitt Legal at (801) 455-1743 for a consultation about your drug offense in Salt Lake County and the surrounding counties, including Box Elder, Toole, Utah, Cache, Weber, Summit, Davis and Wasatch Counties in Utah. Attorney Darren Levitt is a renowned Salt Lake City, UT drug crime Attorney.

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