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Misdemeanor Drug Possession Lawyer In Weber County, UT

Criminal acts are classified into two types which are misdemeanors or felonies based on the severity of the crime. Misdemeanor is the lesser criminal act whose consequences are less severe than that of felonies. Individuals who are charged with misdemeanor usually are in possession of a lesser quantity of the substance.

The charges may seem to be of very minor significance, but they can still leave a mark on your criminal record that could have an everlasting effect on your life. A conviction is recorded in the criminal database that is accessible to the public which could limit your chances at a college application, employment or acquiring a loan or lease. A misdemeanor drug charge can even revoke or suspend some of your privileges namely your hunting license or driving license.

There are instances where the temptation to save your hard earned money rather than fighting for your rights forces individuals to plead guilty to without the consultancy of a legal practitioner. This could deprive you of some of the rights that you could have retained with the help of a legal professional. Therefore, seeking help after a misdemeanor drug crime charge is highly recommended. Our misdemeanor drug possession lawyers in Weber County, Utah are ready and eager to take you through this process step by step, all the while saving your hard earned money and keeping your chances at future opportunities intact. You’ll get your time and your money’s worth with our misdemeanor drug possession lawyer in Weber County UT.

The main focus of prosecutors is to convict any crimes committed against the state thus they don’t pay heed to any deals desirable to you because they are of the notion that any evidence gathered against your case is unchallengeable which changes once a misdemeanor drug crime attorney is hired by the defendant. This creates a new set of opportunities for the defendant which boosts their chances of winning a trial immensely or to get a plea bargain that may consist of drug treatment or probation instead of jail time by the consent of the prosecutors. However, this should be accepted after consulting with a Weber County UT misdemeanor drug possession attorney. We are ready to defend your rights aggressively to make sure you are satisfied with our services.

Why Hire A Misdemeanor Drug Crime Attorney?

As already mentioned, there is a significant penalty for a misdemeanor drug crime depending upon the type and quantity of the substance in possession. The maximum penalty could be up to six months in prison with a significant amount of fine ranging from $150 to $1500. With the help of an attorney misdemeanor drug crime in Weber County UT, these fines could be further reduced to a minimum or the attorney can even completely have your case dismissed.

We plan to create a reputation on the basis of respect and trust. Contact our Weber County UT misdemeanor drug possession attorney today and let us prove our worth. Our misdemeanor drug possession lawyers in Weber County UT are eager to help you by keeping you well informed at every step of the way with communion and dedication to help you get the outcome in your favour. We are available for consultation at Levitt Legal, PLLC at (801) 455-1743. Our misdemeanor drug possession lawyer in Weber County UT will be ready to help you.