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Marijuana Possession

The state of Utah has some of the nation’s strictest rules regarding controlled substances, including marijuana. This is in spite of the widespread acceptance of the drug across the nation and the increasing adoption of medical marijuana and decriminalization by other states. The consequences for marijuana possession arrest can be dire, including hefty fines and jail time. With the widespread use of criminal background checks, this can also have unfortunate effects on employment and housing opportunities.

Salt Lake City Possession of Marijuana Defense Attorney

As a Salt Lake City marijuana defense attorney, Darren M. Levitt has worked hard to protect the futures of men, women, and youth charged with possession of marijuana. Darren M. Levitt is also an active member of the NORML Legal Committee, the nation’s foremost marijuana law reform advocacy group. He is dedicated to reforming the current state and federal laws related to marijuana. Until these changes can be accomplished, he passionately defends clients in marijuana related cases.

To discuss your legal options with defense attorney Darren M. Levitt, call (801) 455-1743 or send an online message. Your initial consultation is free and confidential. During this time, Darren M. Levitt will help you understand the charges you face and your most favorable defense strategies. The details you provide may also reveal constitutional right violations and failures in investigation procedure that can be used to your benefit. Contact Levitt Legal today to learn more.

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Levitt Legal, PLLC || Utah Marijuana Possession Defense Lawyer

Call (801) 455-1743 for a free, no-obligation consultation regarding your alleged possession of marijuana offense. There are many tactics that a knowledgeable defense attorney can use to help eliminate the charges or reduce the penalties for a marijuana related offense. Levitt Legal can help you through this difficult and often-times confusing process. The Salt Lake City based criminal defense firm also represents clients in Park City, Layton, Morgan, and the surrounding communities.

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