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Definition Of Drug Paraphernalia Under Utah Law

Under Utah Code § 58–37a–3 the term “drug paraphernalia” is defined as any product used to introduce a controlled substance into the human body in violation of the Utah Controlled Substances Act under Title 58, Chapter 37, including plastic baggies, rolling papers, bongs, and pipes. Utah’s drug paraphernalia statute also contains an exhaustive list of other types of paraphernalia including the following types of items:

  • kits used to plant, grow or cultivate marijuana or other plants from which a controlled substance can be derived;
  • kits used to prepare a controlled substance;
  • isomerization devices;
  • drug testing equipment;
  • scales and balances;
  • adulterants or diluents;
  • sifters and separation gins;
  • envelopes, capsules, balloons used to package small quantities of controlled substances;
  • containers used to store drugs;
  • hypodermic needles and syringes except as provided in Section 58-37a-5;
  • objects used to ingest or inhale a controlled substance into the human body such as pipes or bowls, carburetion tubes, masks, roach clips, cocaine vials, and bongs.
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