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Under Utah law, the crime of harassment is charged under § 76-5-106. The crime of harassment alleges that a person communicates a written or recorded threat to commit any violent felony. The person accused of harassment must act with the intent to frighten or harass another person instead of acting for some legitimate purpose.

Under Utah law, the crime of harassment is a class B misdemeanor. In certain circumstances, harassment falls under the definition of domestic violence. Allegations of harassment can also lead to petition for a protective civil order often called a temporary restraining order.

Salt Lake City Harassment Defense Lawyer

Any crime involving an allegation of threatening to commit a violent felony is serious. If you have been charged with the crime of harassment under Utah law, then contact an experienced criminal defense attorney with the Law Offices of Darren M. Levitt for any case the Salt Lake City-Ogden metropolitan area, which includes Salt Lake County, Davis County, and Weber County, Utah.

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