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The federal government takes a keen interest in fraud that is furthered through the use of the mail or electronic communications, even when the fraud does not necessarily cross state borders. No matter the mail carrier, if fraudulent schemes are perpetrated through the mail, the U.S. government has prosecutorial jurisdiction.

The federal charge of wire fraud is used when an advertisement over television, telephone, the Internet, or another form of electronic communication makes false representations to the effect of swindling people out of money.

Salt Lake City Defense Lawyer for Mail and Wire Fraud

The federal government has the leeway to charge you with many years in federal prison for mail and wire fraud. Getting the information that you have been charged in federal court with fraud can seem like an impossible burden. If you are facing mail or wire fraud charges, call Levitt Legal, PLLC right away. The sooner you retain competent legal defense, the better position you are in to flesh out all the pertinent details of the case.

Call (801) 455-1743 to schedule a free phone or in-person consultation. Attorney Darren Levitt has the experience and knowledge necessary to guide you in your fraud case.

Wire And Mail Fraud Information Center

Salt Lake City Lawyer Practicing Federal Mail and Wire Fraud Defense

Rather than fraud prosecuted at the state level, mail and wire fraud is in the jurisdiction of the federal government. You need a lawyer who is licensed and knowledgeable of the federal court system. Levitt Legal, PLLC will expertly defend you and follow each lead to build your case.

Call (801) 455-1743 or send a message immediately to schedule a free consultation. Levitt Legal, PLLC will review the charges against you right away and begin to investigate the alleged mail or wire fraud.

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