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Misdemeanor Violation of Probation Cases in Salt Lake City, Utah

In misdemeanor cases that authorize a fine and jail term, the judge has a number of sentencing options:

  • The court can impose a sentence that includes a jail term up to the maximum authorized by the statute or a fine or both. For a class B misdemeanor, the sentence can be up to 6 months in jail. For a class C misdemeanor, the sentence can be up to 90 days in jail.
  • The court can impose a sentence and then suspend the sentence in whole or in part.
  • The court can hold a plea in abeyance in order to give the defendant a chance to comply with the conditions imposed by the court until the court either withdraws the plea to dismiss the case or the court enters a conviction and sentence.
  • The court can approve a diversion agreement presented by the prosecutor.
  • Finally the court can impose a term of probation to be served with special conditions of probation to be completed during that term of probation.

When a defendant is placed on probation, he or she will be required to report to a probation officer. As an alternative to jail, Salt Lake City Probation Services provides misdemeanor probation supervision to court-ordered clients convicted of criminal offenses in Salt Lake County.

As part of misdemeanor probation, the individual may be ordered to complete the following:

  • Substance abuse treatment and education
  • Installation of Ignition interlock device
  • Drug Testing
  • Risk and Needs assessment
  • Regular face-to-face and telephonic contacts as required
  • Mental health treatment
  • Electronic monitoring
  • Community service
  • Other conditions as ordered by the court
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