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What Is The Best Advice For Someone After They Have Been Arrested?

After someone has been arrested it is my best advice to remain absolutely silent. In other words, do not make any statements whatsoever to law enforcement, or, for that matter, anyone else on scene. My next advice is to consult with and hire trusted counsel right away.

It is important to keep in mind after you have been arrested that in most instances your life is not totally ruined. I often counsel my clients to continue forward with their plans for work, education, travel, etc., It is often not necessary for a person to drop everything in their life. It is important that people keep the big picture of life in mind and to realize that mistakes with criminal law are usually temporary problems. I understand that people who are arrested are often good people who simply made mistakes, and while problematic, the situations they find themselves in can usually be worked out.

How Can I Find Out Where A Friend Or a Family Member Has Been Taken After An Arrest?

The police department should be able to inform you as to which jail or department your friend or family member has been taken. Contact may be made with the jail in order to confirm a person’s whereabouts. There are also some useful inmate lookup tools in Utah which allow someone to conduct an internet search and determine where a person is being held.

How Can I Find An Attorney Right Away If A Friend Or Family Member Has Been Arrested?

I would recommend contacting an attorney as early on in the process as possible. People will often find attorneys through referrals from prior attorneys who they’ve worked with, even if it’s in a different legal practice area. It is my advice to meet with an attorney before deciding to hire them, because you want to ensure that you trust them and have a rapport with them. I’m always willing to make myself available to meet in person with potential clients.

Can The Attorney I Hire Get My Friend Or Family Member Out Of Jail Right Away?

An attorney can help get your friend or family member out of jail, but they might not be able to immediately do so. The court process takes time; it’s not instantaneous. The Utah statute requires that any request for a reduction in a bail amount be requested in writing with notice given to the government, state or city attorney. So, it can take some time, but an attorney absolutely can help reduce that time, as well as refer you to the right bondsman.

Can I Change My Attorney During The Process If I Am Not Satisfied With Their Services?

You can absolutely obtain a different attorney if you become dissatisfied with your initial attorney. Individuals have a constitutional right to an attorney. An honorable, reputable law firm would refund the trust retainer, minus the amount for any work that had already been completed. In order to avoid having to switch attorneys, it is important to confirm that you feel very comfortable with the attorney of your choosing at the outset. If you feel you have hired the wrong attorney it is better to suffer the setback of starting with a new attorney than to suffer the avoidable consequences of going forward with the wrong legal representation.

Additional Information On The Criminal Arrest Process In Utah

People often tell me that a police officer treated them disrespectfully or like a criminal. What people need to understand that from the cop’s perspective, they are a criminal; they’ve broken the law. This doesn’t mean that they are a bad person, but it does mean that they made a choice to do something that’s in violation of the law. I realize that being arrested can feel like a dehumanizing and humiliating experience, but unfortunately that is the cold harsh reality of our criminal justice system. When dealing with law enforcement, it is usually best to remain calm and respectful, but at the same time stand clear and firm in your rights

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