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What Kinds Of Underlying Crimes Can Result In These Charges?

Conspiracy Charges in Utah

Conspiracy is defined by Utah Code § 76-4-201 as agreeing with one or more other people to engage in or cause conduct that is criminalized. Typically this charge results when the government accuses you of assisting others in the commission of crimes. For example, if you organize a hunting trip and other people on the hunting trip commit crimes, you could be charged with conspiracy in relation to those crimes.

You can be charged with conspiracy even if you took no specific actions that are stand-alone criminal violations. A conviction of conspiracy charges requires the prosecution to prove that you intended for conduct constituting a crime to be performed, and generally requires the prosecution to prove that an overt act, or specific action, was taken either by you or another person in pursuance of the conspiracy. In some instances, no overt act is required for conviction on conspiracy charges, for example if the conspiracy charges are related to an alleged intention to commit:

  • Capital murder
  • Arson
  • Burglary
  • Robbery
  • Rape
  • Assault (and other conspiracies to harm a person)

You may also face conspiracy charges from the federal government for conspiracies and related acts occurring in Utah.

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